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WordPress Plugins

We were asked to do a page about our favourite WordPress plugins – so here it is.

We will add to/edit  this page as choice changes or other plugins are recommended



Security is a must have for WordPress sites these days. They can all too easily be hacked, and without any protection in place you wouldn’t even know until your site is compromised or becomes blacklisted.

iThemes Security

Our top choice at the moment. Not all sections of this plugin need to be active, but the important ones are all there.

Wordfence Security

The most popular security plugin. Checks for infection and scans core, themes and plugins

BulletProof Security


Although the function is built in to the heavyweights above, this will ban an IP address and lets you tell them why.

Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI

Searches for Malware, Viruses, and other security threats and vulnerabilities

Simple Login Log

Keeps track on who is logging in.



Regular backups of your website is essential. If and when disaster strikes you can simply restore from the last good backup and be up and running again quickly.  For WordPress sites it is crucial to backup both Website and Database. 

Updraft Plus

Backup and restoration. Manual or scheduled. Backup to local or remote locations.


BackUpWordPress will back up your entire site including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

You can sign up for 2GB of free space at Dropbox and use that to backup your website with this plugin. It is fully automated so once set up will perform regular backups at intervals.



A guestbook could be set up by just using a page and enabling comments, but the plugins below take it a bit further and turn the page into a more refined guestbook.


Comment Guestbook



The s2Member® plugin from WebSharks

s2Member® (WordPress Membership Plugin)



A site slowing down could be due to a bloated database. A large database takes up valuable processing time. Optimising a database has to be done with care (always backup first), but can improve performance. Some plugins will also take care of revisions, trashes etc.


Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Revision Control

Sets limit on number of revisions kept, and allows you to manually delete.



There are several e-commerce plugins available for WordPress, the two most popular which have been downloaded millions of times are:

WP eCommerce



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Don’t waste money with companies wanting to sell you their magic method of getting your site on the first page of Google search results. If your site is popular and unique it will get there anyway. What will help however is if your pages are optimised for search engines. These are plugins designed to make this job easier. 

WordPress SEO by Yoast

All in One SEO Pack


Text Editor

The WordPress text editor works fine, but additional functions are available using the plugins below

TinyMCE Advanced


Replaces the built-in editor and also adds function to the comment box

Advanced Image Styles

Adjust an image’s margins and border . Puts back the function removed in the current versions of WordPress


Developer Tools


Debug can help you to find errors in your wordpress website by editing the wp-config.php file.


Theme Check

The theme check plugin is an easy way to test your theme and lets you know of any errors 


Note: We do not endorse any product mentioned on this page. This is purely for information purposes. We are not responsible for any consequences as a result of downloading, installing or use of any particular product.