Backing up should be the most important thing you do.
Computers can be replaced but not your valuable data. 
When (not if) disaster strikes, having a backup can help get you back up and running quickly as well as keeping your data safe, by having it backed up to another location.

Apple Time Machine, which is a built-in feature of OS X is much better than having no backup at all, but might not suit all scenarios.

Below is a list of other backup software for Mac OS X
We do not make any recommendation or endorsement of any particular product, and this list will be by no means comprehensive, but hopefully one of these will help take the toil out of otherwise having to do manual backups.


    Synchronize Pro X by Qdea

Demo available

   Data Backup 3  by Prosoft

Demo available

getbackup  Get Backup  by Belight software

Free version available

  ChronoSync by Econ technologies

Free 30 day Trial available

  Sync Folders Pro by GreenWorldSoft

Free version available

  Folder Backup 5.0  by AlphaOmega Software

Free download

  Tri-Backup 8  by Tri-Edre software

Demo available

smartbackup SmartBackup by FreeRideCoding

Free Trial available

 GoodSync by Siber Systems

Free download

SuperDuper-Header  SuperDupa by Shirt Pocket

Free download

   FileFort Backup Software by NCH Software

Free version available

ccc-logo  Carbon Copy Cloner by Bombich software

50490-knox-box  Knox for Mac by Agile Bits

Synk-7-128  Synk by Decimus Software

Demo download available

  Backuplist+ from Rob DuToit

Free download


crash plan  Crash Plan by CodeFortyTwo Software

Free download

  Backup Express by Intego

Available only from the Mac App store


Retrospect_Inc_logo_50  Retrospect for Mac

Trial version available



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