Problems with replacement inkjet cartridges not working correctly can often be avoided by following these installation instructions:

  • Allow the cartridges to stand upright ( the same way they sit in the printer ) for at least a couple of hours before  installation
  • Do not shake the cartridges prior to  installation
  • Make sure that the yellow rip tabs are fully removed before installation and allow the cartridge to breathe for 30  seconds or so before putting it into the printer.
  • Do not tip the cartridges once the yellow rip tab  has been removed.
  • Fit the cartridges as a full set.
  • If the print pattern is poor after loading then perform up to 3 successive head cleans. If prints are still poor then switch off the printer (use the printer ON/OFF button not the power outlet) and leave  it for at least three hours to allow any trapped air to disperse before trying again.

Constantly removing and replacing cartridges that have already been installed, particularly with Epson printers, can cause problems as it will pump air into the system. The cartridges are not designed to be removed once installed.