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WebBrowser for OS9/PowerPC

PowerPC’s which won’t run OSX reached their limit with OS9. A lot of these machines still work well and are capable of getting on to the Internet, but the problem is finding a suitable WebBrowser. Nothing seems to work with OS9 any more. But hang on – we found a couple which are free to download:

Classilla is a free, open source browser for Mac OS 9

Classilla is bringing back web browser support to your classic Macintosh — built on WaMCom, a port of Mozilla to classic Macintosh systems, using the same technology underpinning the popular Firefox browser. It’s completely free and it’s open source, and it’s standards-compliant. Use it without cost or restriction; or, if you’ve got the skills, hack it and make it your own. Classilla brings your wonderful old Power Macintoshes back to life and back online.


WaMCom 1.3.1

WaMCom – Web and Mail Communicator – is an open source software project, providing modified versions of Mozilla™ client software.



   iCab – Internet Browser

iCab 3.0.5 works with Mac OS 8.5 – 9.2.2


At least webpages should display much better than trying to use that old Mac version of Internet Explorer!



Computer Virus Myths


Computer Virus Myths

Have you ever encountered a computer virus? Have you ever wondered where they come from? Are they real or just a myth or even a hoax? Are the software companies that write virus detection applications behind it all, to justify their existence. If you have ever been worried by any of this stuff, check out this site which aims to debunk some of the horror stories surrounding the various strains of computer virus (or is that virii?).

Do you know the body on the roofrack Urban Myth? – Has the whole world gone mad?