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WordPress is not the only CMS in Town

WordPress is not the only CMS in Town. It simply became the most popular.

Now people are beginning to wonder if it has a future, especially with all the talk about Gutenberg being a development that will put a lot of users off from continuing to use WordPress. 

There have always been alternatives, but none has been as supported by the amount of plugins, themes, and followers as WordPress.

The big three always seemed to be WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. WordPress gained in popularity to become the CMS of choice, due to its huge following and the development of thousands of plugins and ready-made Themes, and its comparatively user-friendly interface.


Drupal CMS




CMS Made Simple


Drupal CMS



Now we can add a few more to the list. 





There are also other e-learning and content management systems such as Moodle and Chamilo




This blog examines the future of Gutenberg and WordPress:

Is Gutenberg the End or a New Beginning for WordPress?



Clearing Browser cache

Sometimes updated web pages don’t display as they should. This could be due to the browser cache displaying a cached version of the page.

To clear the browser cache, depending on your operating system all you need to do is to press the following key combination:

  • MacOS/Apple: Apple or cmd + R
  • Windows: ctrl + F5
  • Linux: F5

Apple Works – converting files

Apple Works, and previously Claris Works files cannot be opened in any current version of  iWorks (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)

Fortunately there is a way to convert those old files to a format which can at least be opened.


Libre Office is available as a  free download and will open many file types including Claris/Apple works files

Once opened they can then be saved out in another format which can be read by other programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc.


Libre Office Download (Free)


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